Educational Starter Kits

The only place where the knowledge in electronics and robotics is truly optimized exclusively for Sri LankansIt’s made in Sri Lanka, for everyone in the world.
With our broadly enhanced BeeBox v2.0 to suit local requirements breaking apart language and tutorial barriers while entrusting the international eminence,  BeeFactory has become the only option in Sri Lanka. BeeBox v2.0 is the best-selling arduino educational starter kit of the island, addresses the needs of all criteria, from school syllabi to the electronics newbie, with interactive tutorials in Sinhalese, English and Tamil (coming-soon) in a global kit v3.0.

Bee Box

Sri Lanka’s most selling arduino starter kit with a full self explanatory guide including a booklet and a complete video series in sinhala and english.
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Robotic Development Platforms

Sri Lanka meets real robotic talents in BeeFactory with its already in shop, Bluetooth Car, BeeIR Sensor Array, RoboKit PowerBank, and a wide range of innovations ready to come into the market, in the near future.
We are dedicated to address your needs in both HobbyTronics, RoboFest passions and industrial robotic necessities.

BeeIR Sensor v2

It is all you need for an IR Array for your next electronics project.It is especially designed for line following & maze solving projects.Supports all platforms including Arduino.(Based on TCRT5000 | Analog Output)
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Bluetooth Car

Bee Factory Bluetooth Car is a SMART Car Chassis which is both useful to quench the curiosity of newbies as well as to provide a better finishing-look for your next Robot Car. Now you don’t need to go looking for each part of the car, wheels, batteries, boards, etc. We got you covered in every possible way!

RoboKit PowerBank

This PowerBank has been carefully and specially invented for RoboFests and similar requirements as a solution for all necessities including 5v chargeability by Bee Factory experts.

Electronic Design/PCB Design/Embedded Systems

Sri Lanka’s rising manufacturer in electronic designs, PCB Designs and Embedded Systems, BeeFactory, ensures best solutions for your needs. It’s opulence of technical and industrial expertise is sure to fulfil your requirements comprehensively.

PCB designing
Electronics and Technical experts of Bee Factory are always ready to provide the greatest output. We receive custom design orders for PCBs

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