BeeBox v2

Sri Lanka’s most selling arduino starter kit with a full self explanatory guide including a booklet and a complete video series in sinhala and english


With our broadly enhanced BeeBox v2.0 to suit local requirements breaking apart language and tutorial barriers while entrusting the international eminence, BeeFactory has become the only option in Sri Lanka. This is the best-selling Arduino educational starter kit of the island, addresses the needs of all criteria, from school syllabi to the electronics newbie, with interactive tutorials in Sinhalese, English and Tamil (coming-soon) in a global kit v3.0.

Package Includes

1x arduino nano v3 (ATMega 328) | 1x MIcro USB Cable | 1x Large Breadboard | 20x Male-Male Jumpers | 20x Male-Female Jumpers | 1x 9V Battery | 1x 9V Battery Clip | 1x 8×8 LED Metrix Display | 1x LED 7Segment Display | 3x Potentiometers | 1x 3V 5 Pin Relay | 1x 5V Buzzer | 1x DC Brushed Motor | 1x L293 Motor Driver | 1x 74HC595 Shift Register | 2x 100uf Capacitors | 2x D400n Transistors | 4x Push Buttons | 1x LDR | 1x RGB LED | 10x Red LED | 10x Green LED | 10x Blue LED | 10x 220ohm Resistors | 10x 1K Resistors | 10x 2.2K Resistors | 10x 10K Resistors


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